Continuing Education


Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine is very broad and deep.   Being a serious practitioner involves a life of study and clinical development.  Basic schooling is just the very first step on a long and fruitful path. I take this matter  seriously. When seeking a practitioner, you should not just be concerned with their basic training and credentials but even more so with clear evidence of a lifelong commitment to development.  Healing is an ongoing journey for all of us.  Fundamentally, in Chinese Medicine, illness and standing still are one and the same thing.  There is even a Qing Dynasty book published in 1897 by Shao Tongzhen entitled “Medicine and Changes are One Principle”.  If you really want to go somewhere, it’s best to get on board with someone who is also going somewhere.  Below is a list of training and development I have pursued since graduating from school and entering clinical practice.


1998-1999                   David Euler (Boston)               156 Hours        The Acupuncture Style of Kiiko Matsumoto

1998-1999                   Koei Kuahara (Boston)            156 Hours        Studies in Toyohari

October, 1999             Masanori Tanioka (Boston)     15 Hours         Japanese Pediatric Acupuncture

April, 2000                 Kiiko Matsumoto (Boston)       12 Hours        Master Kawai’s Style of Acupuncture

October, 2002            Miki Shima (Boston)                 30 Hours        Specialised Japanese Clinical Training

October, 2003            Junji Mizutani (Boston)           15 Hours         Moxibustion Intensive

November, 2004       Bob Flaws (Toronto)                  15 Hours        Master’s Class in Diagnosis

September, 2005       Kiiko Matsumoto (Ottawa)      20 Hours        Classical Japanese Acupuncture

September, 2006       Kiiko Matsumoto (Toronto)    15 Hours         Classical Japanese Acupuncture

2008-2010                  Lonny Jarrett (Stockbridge)    149 Hours      Advanced Clinical Integration / Ethics

March, 2010               Jeffrey Yuen (Asheville)            15 Hours        The Luo Vessels of Acupuncture

August, 2010              Andrew Cohen (Colorado)        10 Days          Evolutionary Enlightenment & Becoming

September, 2010       Jeffrey Yuen (Asheville)             15 Hours       The Curious Organs of Chinese Medicine

October, 2010            Andrew Cohen (Lenox)                2 Days          Being and Becoming Fall Retreat

December, 2010        Ross Rosen (New Jersey)            2 Days          Advanced Contemporary Pulse Diagnosis

June, 2011                  Kiiko Matsumoto (Boston)          8 Hours        Case Studies

August, 2011              Andrew Cohen (Tuscany)            10 Days         Evolutionary Enlightenment & Becoming

October, 2011            Ed Neal M.D. (New York)            24 Hours      Nei Jing Classical Acupuncture I

December, 2011        Ed Neal M.D. (New York)            24 Hours      Nei Jing Classical Acupuncture II

2011-2012                  EnlightenNext                                 10 Month     Second Year Advanced Training

May, 2012                  Ed Neal M.D. (New York)             24 Hours     Nei Jing Classical Acupuncture III

June, 2012                 Ed Neal M.D. (New York)             24 Hours     Nei Jing Classical Acupuncture IV

2012-2013                 EnlightenNext                                  10 Month    Third Year Advanced Training

November, 2012       Elisabeth Rochat (Stockbridge)   16 Hours     Women’s Health in the Classics

2014                            Ed Neal M.D. (Online)                   10 Month     Introduction to Nei Jing Studies

June, 2014                 Josephine Spilka (Online)             10 Hours     Essential Oils, Chinese Medicine,

                                                                                                                       Respiratory & Digestive Disorders

May, 2016                 Kiiko Matsumoto (Boston)             7 Hours      Treating Small Intestine & Related Disorders

June, 2016                Jason Robertson (Boston)             15 Hours     Applied Channel Palpation & Diagnosis

2017                           Ed Neal M.D. (Online)                    10 Month   Introduction to Nei Jing Studies

March, 2017             Tom Bisio (Montreal)                      15 Hours    Zang Fu TuiNa I

May, 2017                 Tom Bisio (Montreal)                      15 Hours    Zang Fu TuiNa II

July, 2017                 Nadia Volf (Paris)                             14 Hours   Auricular Causative Diagnosis Master Class

September, 2017     Tom Bisio (Montreal)                      15 Hours   Zang Fu TuiNa III

November, 2017      Tom Bisio (Montreal)                      15 Hours  Zang Gu TuiNa IV

April, 2018                Suzanne Robidoux (Toronto)        32 Hours  External Tai Yang & Shao Yin Syndromes

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